The Launch of Our New Website . . .

I know you must be thinking it is about time that the Walter Hoving Home has updated their website. It has been many months of planning, evaluating and implementing this needed tool in our ministry. Much of the delay has been myself – the vastness of the project has caused much anxiety and procrastination. After many failed attempts – one of them being me trying to teach myself to build a website – I thought through my mental database and realized that one of our ladies was an expert at this type of work. I called her and within a few months a new website is launched.

I don’t know if others have this problem of seeing the vastness of a project and my lack of knowledge in the area and become completely overwhelmed. That is when I believe God provides people to help us if we will just ask and seek the right sources. As I am thinking back to how easy this has seemed when I put it in the right hands I think of the foolishness of putting it off because I didn’t know what to do.

So enjoy our new website and come back often for new content and events!

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  1. Hello I applyed for this program reason being I need a long term program espicaly christian I now I can do the work I need to do I am begging for this oppertuating I need help from the program for my self also for my 5 children and 4 grandchildren but most of all for me I need my ged license and more thank you so much please let it be a yes 860-242-8638 thank you Dawn Willingham

  2. Linda says:

    I was surfing your website and found this response by Dawn. Out of my heart (not to check on Walter Hoving), I would like to find out if her note was found and attended for. So, I called the attached phone number. Dawn’s daughter answered my call, and told me her mother was accepted into the home three days after Dawn’s response was posted. As a donor, I was pleased to hear the good news. Praise the Lord! Dawn, may the merciful God bless you in His abundant love and success. By the way, before I “stumbled” onto Dawn’s message, I was about to introduce this ministry to 3, may be 4 churches in CA. Please pray that the will of God be done.

  3. Christine says:

    Awesome new Website. Praise God for the continued ministry and work of the Walter Hoving Home. It has tugged at my heart for 31 years now (since I was a teen) and just the short internship I worked at the Pasadena home was quite a blessing and learning experience. Thank the Lord for John and Elsie’s vision decades ago and their tenacity to carry out their vision to minister to women and to stand strong against the tide of numerous “Christian” ministries and churches giving into popular culture of today’s society which clearly goes against God’s Word. Walter Hoving Home, Staff and Board stay strong, stay true to God and His Word and continue on and God will ALWAYS be faithful to ALL of your needs.
    Love and Blessings. Joy in the Journey to you and all who pass through your doors.

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