By donating, you play a key role in our ongoing work to restore the lives of women in need. Restoration and transformation occur over a period of time, and our partners commit to this continual process by their investment. Regular giving also allows our ministry to plan for the future and make the best use of our resources. Your giving is helping us change lives!

How Your Support Helps

The life-transforming work that is experienced at the Hoving Home is funded entirely through the generous donations of friends like you who see the value in each life and give to make an eternal difference. Hoving Home has a proven track record of using donations efficiently and effectively. From individual donors to the large corporations, we cherish all of our supporters. You can be assured that we use the valuable resources donors have provided in the most cost-effective ways possible. Please see testimonies on the Got Help page to hear stories of how your donation will make a difference!

Sponsor A Lady

Our Student Sponsorship Program exists to allow you to provide monthly support for a student. Your sponsorship helps provide for their ongoing needs.

Just a few of our student needs are:

  • Three meals a day
  • Shelter, bedding
  • Transportation, fuel
  • Education, workbooks
  • Practical work experience, work clothing
  • Mentoring/discipleship
  • Additional counseling (if required)

The cost to have each individual student in the program is estimated to be $2,800/month. This provides for all of their needs, giving them the ability to fully focus on their recovery. Hoving Home is a non-profit organization which receives its funding primarily through the generosity of individuals and churches. Your sponsorship has the direct impact of alleviating our student costs and more importantly of providing the support needed for our students to realize their success. Your sponsorship makes a difference!

What you will receive as a Student Sponsor:

  • Monthly packet including a photo and testimony of a current student that you are sponsoring
  • Opportunities to write and encourage the student
  • Invitation to our annual graduation
  • A tax receipt issued at year’s end
  • The knowledge that “YOU are making a difference!”

Spread the word

You can partner with us by sharing with your friends and family about what we are doing at the Hoving Home. You can use social media in a variety of ways: to tell others about the ministry, highlight upcoming events, and even fund-raise. Spreading the word could help a person in need. We want to share hope with women who are lost in addiction and you can help us do that. The rise of social media has given us the opportunity to reach more people than ever. This is the easiest way to get help to a person in need. Our stories can also inspire people who might need a bit of inspiration.

New stories are being told every day – so like us on Facebook and share with your friends!

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“…I’ve watched this effective ministry grow…and it has my 100% support.”

Billy Graham

“I have seen the Walter Hoving Home ministry first hand and I am an enthusiastic supporter…”

Chuck Colson

“…The transformations are miraculous, and I’m grateful for the chance to participate in the on-going miracles at Walter Hoving Home.”

Pat Boone

“In October of 2009, I walked through the doors of hope of the Hoving Home and was introduced to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


“Thank you Hoving Home for allowing me the chance to experience firsthand that 'No word from God will ever fail' (Luke 1:37).”


"At the Hoving Home, we see women come into our program who have fallen down and their lives our shattered. Their hope has been crushed and they can’t see a way out or a different way. But they come here, and it is amazing to watch the transformation as God begins to restore hope and they have a glimpse of their life looking different."


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