Rachel completes the program

Rachel came to the Walter Hoving Home from Washington after being raised by her grandparents due to the fact that her mother was a drug addict. Rachel suffered much abuse from her mother even to the extent of using drugs with her. When Rachel entered the Home she was broken and feeling unloved. But it has been at the Home she has discovered Jesus’ love for her and she has learned that He has a plan for her life. She is starting today as an associate staff in our Outreach Department where she will go and speak to women about finding new hope in Christ. She is also very talented in singing and her future desire is to go to school and learn to be a worship leader. Whatever path the Lord leads her on we are confident that she will do great things for the kingdom of God. Congratulations, Rachel – we are so proud of you!

Rachel (left) completes the program. Shown here with NY Director, Beth.
Rachel (left) completes the program. Shown here with NY Director, Beth.

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  1. Lori Hope says:

    She is beautiful and I am proud of her. I have a daughter Cynthia that I pray will go into this program. She has been in jail 4 times and prison for 6months and still came out and went right back into doing heroin. I pray everyday for her and she has went into treatments before but only a couple of weeks and she would only go to the ones close to your boyfriend,(which also does drugs).

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