What to Bring

This is just a guide – if you do not have these items we have a clothing closet that can be a help to you.



Two Suitcases are allowed

  • Dress code is modest, neat and feminine
  • Daily Dress Code: nice but casual (jeans allowed but no t-shirts or sweatshirts)
  • One Day a Week: dress pants or dresses, nice shoes
  • Church Attire: dress pants or dresses
  • Choir Attire: black skirt, white top, black jacket, black shoes
  • Also bring some pajamas, underwear, socks, and lounging around outfits

Skirts must be knee length and Shorts must be past fingertips with arms straight down. Tops must cover fully your stomach

You will be required to wash all clothing upon arrival so please do not bring anything that has to be dry- cleaned only or needs special care. There are no exceptions to washing clothes.


Personal items

  • Toiletries
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Feminine products
  • No mouthwash allowed
  • Clock (cannot have a radio)
  • Bring your own Headphones (for Learning center)
  • Bring an umbrella if you have one
  • Sheets & Towels – if you want to bring your own, you can, though we do provide both.  The beds are twin beds.
  • Pillow – we provide 1 pillow.  If you want more than one then you will need to bring your own.



  • Prescriptions
  • Aspirin
  • Cold Medicine
  • Allergy

          You will need to turn in all medication when you arrive and we will distribute – but you do need your own


Do NOT Bring

If you bring these items, they will be confiscated

  • Cell phones
  • Thong underwear
  • NA/AA Books or other secular books or magazines – only Christian books allowed
  • Nicotine gum, inhalers, etc.
  • Food (you can have gum and/or mints)
  • Stuffed Animals (if you do bring one, then it will need to be washed)



  • CD player (cannot have a radio)
  • Only Christian music allowed
  • No burned CD’s

If you have an IPOD it will be checked for the type of music you have on it by a staff member. This may take a few days.


Body piercing is not allowed – please remove any piercings before arriving. You are allowed to wear earrings in two bottom holes.