What Can I Expect?

We understand that there will be many questions when you arrive and make the transition into the program. We will do our best to help make that transition smooth and as easy as we can.

When You First Arrive

1. You will meet a lady in the program who will be assigned to be your “Big Sister” who will be there to assist you in your first two weeks (or longer if needed) to settle in, meet other ladies, meet the staff and give you a tour of the Home. You will also be assigned in the same room.

2. You will complete some paperwork with the Duty person. This will include some authorizations, releases, financial questions, and a general information questionnaire.

3. If your family is with you, they can be given a tour of the Home while paperwork is being completed.

4. All of the items you brought with you will be inspected by the Duty person and your Big Sister. Once that is done, you will assisted with taking your things to the laundry room and you will begin washing all your belongings.

4. Your Big Sister will then take you to your room and introduce you to others in the program. Your first 24 hours at the Home will be to help you get familiar with our property, see a video about the Home, and rest if it is needed.

Program Summary

Our program is founded on a family concept, which is designed to show you a new way of life – a life that is filled with great hope, joy and a wonderful future. As you apply yourself, we believe your life will be changed forever. The program is designed to increasingly challenge you and strengthen your Christian life.


When a Lady first comes to the Hoving Home, she is a guest and prospective Family Member. She remains a guest for three weeks to one month, enabling her to evaluate the program the Home offers, and the staff of the Home to evaluate if this is the right program for her. If the Lady is accepted into the program, she is viewed as a family member and officially enters the Home.

MONTH 1, 2 & 3 – Freshman (Restoration Month 1 & 2)
During the first three months of the program you will learn the basics of a personal relationship with God, responsible daily living, and treating others with dignity and respect. These are essential for our family to function and for us to effectively nurture one another. There may be times when you feel afraid to step out in new ways – but as you do you will begin to change and grow, and we are all here to support each other. Additionally, you will begin working through the Hoving Home’s school program completing levels 1, 2, and 3.

Upon completion of three months, you will receive a certificate of achievement.

MONTHS 4, 5, and 6 – Sophomore (Restoration Month 3)
Months 4, 5, and 6 will give you the opportunity to continue to work through levels 4 to 6 of the school program. The program is designed to allow you to participate in the program at your own pace addressing your individual needs and issues without feeling in competition with others. Family members don’t compete; they support and nurture one another.

Beginning in month 4 you will have additional opportunities and increased responsibilities as part of the Hoving Home family. You may participate in street witnessing, go on errands, train to be “On Duty” and become involved in other community activities. Everything we do is aimed at providing Ladies, like you, with the chance for a new and better life.

Upon completion of six months you will receive a certificate of achievement.

MONTHS 7, 8, & 9 – Junior (Restoration Month 4)
During months 6 thru 9 you will have an opportunity to attend Computer Class, apply for a driver’s license, and attend G.E.D. classes (if needed). You will continue working through the school program, focusing on levels 7, 8 & 9. Newer Ladies in the program will be looking to you for additional guidance and direction and this will give you an opportunity to minister to the needs of others. You also may be asked to go as a rider on errands occasionally.

MONTHS 10, 11 & 12 – Senior (Restoration Month 5 & 6)

During months 10 thru 12 you will have the opportunity to attend the Career Transition Class and begin to prayerfully make more detailed plans for your future. You will be given increased responsibilities (training others for On-Duty) and privileges and will be expected to assist the staff in various ways. This will continue to increase your leadership potential and develop your confidence and decision-making abilities. You will be asked to be a rider on errands.

Completer’s Program

The Completer’s Program is a period of time to continue making the transition back into society, and continuing to practice what you have learned while at the Home. During this period of time you will have the opportunity to have a job outside the home while continuing to live as a part of our family. We believe this is beneficial to re-entering the work place and preventing regression into prior self- destructive patterns. As a part of our family your success is important to us.

We strongly encourage ladies not to go back to their former environments, but begin their new lives in Christ in a stable Christian environment.

You are eligible to graduate from the Home 6 months after completing the 12-month program, having continued your relationship with Christ, remaining drug and alcohol free, and living according to Biblical standards. Graduation is held each Spring and is a special cap and gown ceremony. It is a time for the entire Hoving Home family and you’re outside family to truly celebrate.