Financial Information

We request a $500 entrance fee (which is non-refundable) and $500 in support per month per student.

In you first two weeks, you will be asked to write Support Request Letters to people that may be interested in supporting you while you’re here.  A sample letter will be provided for you to contact your friends, family, church – anyone you feel could help toward the cost of your stay here.  This support is given to the Home.  It only covers a small portion of the total cost but it helps ensure we can keep helping you and other women with similar needs.

If you do not receive a minimum of $500 a month towards your student support you will not be permitted to have packages sent you.  If you receive any money while in the program you are required to give 90% to the Home towards your student support.

If you receive SSI, SSD, or any other type of monthly support checks, or any other regular income, while at the Home, 90% is to be given to the Home to help cover the cost of your stay here. This would be in place of monthly sponsorship fee.

There are many sources that make donations to our Home – churches, individuals, corporations and foundations. We also hold special events to raise funds such as banquets, walks, phone-a-thons, golf tournaments, fashion show.

The cost of helping a Lady is approximately $1800 – 2000 per month.