New York – Mayra Completes the Program

Mayra (left) with Beth, director of New York home.

It was another day of celebration in New York as Mayra completed the program. Mayra struggled for years with addiction but God has delivered her and set her feet on solid ground. Mayra is returning home to be with her children and be involved in her church.

Please continue to pray for Mayra as she begins the next step in her journey.

2 Responses to New York – Mayra Completes the Program

  1. Mayra may every day with Jesus be richer and fuller and sweeter.

    1978 graduate

  2. GODS plans for us are always so much better. I congratulate you on your graduating from the program. My wife Estrella & I have seen first hand the work that Walter Hoving Home is doing in so many womens lives. We have been blessed to have visited the home along with our family of worshipers from Paterson NJ,
    Abundant Life Worship Center.

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