New Testimony Videos – Check it out!


Click here to watch video: Taneka – Testimony

I hope this note finds you enjoying sunny weather today as we are in New York. We have been working hard to bring you videos – please check out our first one with Taneka sharing her video. Please comment and share encouragement with Taneka as she prepares to complete the program at the end of June! Her life has been changed at the Walter Hoving Home. Enjoy and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

2 Responses to New Testimony Videos – Check it out!

  1. Janet Chapin says:

    Tanika, you are just glowing in the joy & strength of the Lord!
    Yourt inner beauty that Jesus has lovingly touched & healed is
    just radiating from you for His glory. Your testimony is & will
    continue to be such an encouragement to many women, maybe
    giving them that last little nudge to get to lasting safety. So many
    people will be praying for your success in finding a good solid
    church home for you & your children, your completion of your
    education & then your hairdressing career. Who knows you may
    be the first one in your family to graduate from college! Just wish
    we could have seen you singing in the choir your gratitude to the
    Lord! Remember the joy of the Lord is your strength! Christ”s

  2. Jamie Ashbaugh says:

    Taneka, your heart for God and amazing story deeply moved me. He is using you in such a powerful way! Praying for your dreams to become reality in His hands. Thank you for being such a bright and beautiful light.

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