Completions in New York

Monika and BethPhyllis and BethIt has been an exciting week at the Walter Hoving Home – New York. We have celebrated the completions of Monika and Phyllis! What a great accomplishment for these beautiful women who had come to us with broken lives but are leaving with changed lives! Congratulations!

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  1. Tina Murray says:

    God is so great!!! I was in the program with Stephanie, Phyllis, Monika, and Shakira. I’m so proud of all of you and I’m in tears over the miraculous changes I’ve witnessed in Shakira! I’m honored to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend all of these women. We all share an unconditional love of Jesus and the Walter Hoving Home. May God continue to bless you all. I hope our paths will cross again one day, as I’m trying to re-enter fhe program. I love all my sisters in Christ!

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