NY – Christina Completes 5/3/2012

NY – Christina Completes 5/3/2012

One of my favorite job responsibilities here at Walter Hoving Home is presenting completion certificates. And I had the privilege of presenting Christina H. with hers on May 3, 2012. I remember back to when Christina walked in – she wouldn’t lift her head or look me in the eyes. She was broken and life had shattered her hopes and dreams. She was a wife, mother and woman that looked like all had been taken from her. Over the next year, we watched her come alive as she turned her life over to Jesus. She began living in the Truth of God’s work and believing that what He said about her was true. And in that time she rediscovered her gift for poetry. She left this poem in my box on the day she left. I have it framed in my office and wanted to share it with you . . .


by Christina H.

When I think about the things I’ve done,
I can sit and smile because I have won.

I won freedom through Jesus Christ,
My wrongdoings, my sins, He paid a price.

No longer depressed, hardly ever sad,
I’ve learned to be happy, completely glad.

Glad that He gave me a second chance,
To participate in life’s amazing dance.

Through God I’m healed, from all the misuse,
Bullying, pain and many years of abuse.

When I had come to the Walter Hoving Home,
I didn’t have God and was utterly alone.

I came broken, bitter, angry and depressed,
My life was in turmoil, such a tangled mess.

I had to surrender, trust Him every day,
To take care of me and have His way.

My life, I know, will never be the same,
I’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

I’ll hold onto God and never let go,
Compassion, love are the seeds I’ll sow.

2 Responses to NY – Christina Completes 5/3/2012

  1. Sandra Carlo says:

    What a beautiful poem and I know that many can relate to it.
    I would like to use it in our church bulletin. Of course I would say who wrote it and that she is a graduate of Walter Hoving Home. Please advise if this is possible. My Church is Christian Pentecostal Church, 900 Richmond Rd., S.I. NY 10304

    I am the Sr. Pastor’s wife.
    Thank you

    • Walter says:

      Hello Sandra. Sorry we did not get back to you sooner. But yes, you are welcome to use the poem in your church bulletin. I pray that it will be a blessing. 🙂

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