Lucille Peralta

Outreach Director
Here at the Walter Hoving Home everyone calls me Lulu. I have been the Outreach Director here at the Pasadena Home since May 1, 2007. It was by no coincidence how I met John Benton.

I was at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucumonga, CA, back in June of 2001. “Dad B” was giving the Sunday Service for the females in Unit 10. I was one of them. The title of his message was “It Takes Just as Much Faith to Believe God for a Mansion as it Does For a Leaky Tent.” When he began to talk about how God provided a place for women to recover from the destruction of their sinful lives, his message left me with the hope that God knew my condition. I was lost and bound to sin and I couldn’t find my own way out. To the world I was just a drug addict with no life, but to God I was much more valuable even in my desolate isolation.

This was my 13th incarceration and I was at the crossroads of my life. Would I believe God not only to forgive my sin, but to change my life as well? That day I surrendered to His will and left it in His hands. Surely I knew it was going to take a miracle. My Public Defender told me I belonged in Prison and I was nothing but a liar and a manipulator. I told him he was right but I wanted to change my life. Well, long story short, God answered and instead of prison I came to the Walter Hoving Home and found my way out of destruction through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now I go into four different county jails doing the same thing Dad B did, giving hope to the lost through the love of Jesus Christ and His Word.