Denise Metoyer

Facility Director

Since December 2010 I have been privileged to serve as the Facility Director.

I was introduced to the Home by a former graduate.  She told me that the Home helped her transform her life into something new.  At that time my life was very dark and hopeless.  I knew I needed to find the freedom to live and my way wasn’t working out. I was a functioning addict.  I used drugs to cover the pain that took root in my heart.  At the age of 14 I lost my mother to cancer.  The next year my father died of cancer also.  At that point in my life everything changed.  The feeling of abandonment and the question of the purpose of my life was so present.  This lead me to unfortunate choices and a drug addiction that lasted over 20 years.

When I was at the end of my rope I cried out to God and He answered.  I had called numerous programs to get help, but the doors were closed.  I was at a loss until I spoke to Gina, the former graduate, who told me the Walter Hoving Home always had a bed.  I picked up the phone and did the intake.  Within a day I was accepted for entrance.  Out of all the programs the Walter Hoving Home was the only one who had room for me.  Now that was a God thing.  I came to the Home as a student in 2006.  I realized that I was not on my own.  I was not completely abandoned, God had a plan for me and this was His first step. I am so thankful for His mercy and grace.  When I couldn’t see the way out, He made a way for me.