Angela Carmody

Associate Director

I have been on staff as the Associate Director at the Walter Hoving Home in Pasadena since January 2010.  It has been my pleasure and privilege to be a part of this great work the Lord does here in transforming all our lives daily!

My journey with the Walter Hoving Home began in November 2006.  I entered as a student after many long, destructive and hopeless years living without purpose in life or knowledge of Jesus’ love for me.  In fact, I heard about the Home from a former staff member who came into the jails to tell me of a place of hope and healing.  She passed out brochures whose slogan on the front said, “Have We Got a Place for You!”  I spent the final months of my former life looking at the smiling faces in that brochure, wondering if there was a chance that I could be as happy as they appeared to be.  So, I gave them a call and was accepted to come into the Program.

Well, God certainly did have a place for me, and still does!!  Not just here at WHH, but also in His kingdom.  Today I not only have purpose, love, joy and Jesus, but I am also a graduate of the Walter Hoving Home.  I consider this my most significant accomplishment.  It is my desire to extend to the women who enter the Home the future, the love, grace and mercy the Lord has been showing me.