Adriana Shallcross Quijano

Director of Education

I am the Director of Education at the Walter Hoving Home in Pasadena, California, and am honored and privileged to be part of this wonderful ministry that has transformed my life and many other women’s lives.

On February 3, 1996, I came to the Walter Hoving Home as a resident.  At that time it was a 16-month program, and after you completed the16 months you were able to stay and go into the Completer’s program, which helped you transition back into society living a godly life holy and pleasing to the Lord.  I completed the program on May 5, 1997 and graduated in the summer of 1998.  I continued to live here, going to school and working outside the Home, and also helping out here at the Home as much as I could because I was so grateful for what the Home had done for me.  In the year 2000 I thought it was time that I moved out, but the Lord had others plans for me.  I was called into the office and asked if I would stay on as staff, and of course I said yes, with peace and joy in my heart knowing that this is where Lord wanted me to be.

I was born in Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles in the Echo Park district.  I am married with no children.  I started using drugs and got into a street gang at the age of 12.  My life was a mess with no direction.  My mother divorced my father at around that time and raised me, my sister and my brother.  My mother, a registered nurse, worked very long and various shifts at the hospital.  She did the best she could to be there for us and encouraged us to go to school to get an education.  My siblings did not get involved in any type of activities such as drugs and gangs as I did.  I chose to hang out with the wrong crowd.

My mother found the Walter Hoving Home and that is how I came to the Home.  I was tired of living that lifestyle and knew that there was something better.  I just did not know where to start and knew I did not want to die.  I wanted to live and do something with my life.

Shame had filled my life which also caused me to stay away from my loved ones, but today I have life and a relationship with my family and loved ones and, even though my father was not there in my earlier years, we did build a great relationship when I came to the Home.   When I came to the Walter Hoving Home I did not know it was a Christian program based on a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I was raised Catholic but had never read the Bible.  Now I cannot imagine living my life without Jesus my Lord and Savior.  I work in the Learning Center and get to share with the ladies what the Lord has done in my life and is continuing to do in my life.  If you would have said to me that I would be working here when I first came I would not have been able to receive it.  But now, knowing the power of our Lord and Savior, I can share with these beautiful women who have come to change their life that anything is possible with God because Jesus wants the best for them in the same way He wanted the best for me.