Becki shares what she learned at Walter Hoving Home

BeckiThe Walter Hoving Home—Home Where Integrity Is Built                Becki and a friend from Africa

If I had to change the subtitle for Walter Hoving Home it would have to be “The Home Where Integrity is Built”. The Walter Hoving Home is where I was introduced to Jesus Christ as a person. I began to get an up-close and personal look at Jesus as a person and how He related to people—all kinds of people and in all types of situations. From that moment on my relationship with Jesus became very personal.  I had to re-learn everything — but from a Biblical point of view. You might think that is a bit extreme. Well, I thought so too, at first. “Why do I have to look at this simple situation in the eyes of Jesus?”, or Moses or David or Daniel or even Jonah? I don’t think that now. I have learned that I am able to apply what I have learned in all situations. My favorite leadership teaching thus far has been from the book of Nehemiah. To give you an example: I was able to recall very important key points in situations I experienced as a Missionary recently in Swaziland, Africa. I learned the importance of submission to authority even with conflicting ideas and doctrines. I learned the importance of researching a plan in detail before presenting it to leadership. More importantly, that I had to take it to leadership for approval. I learned to delegate specific responsibilities to those with the same specific interest so that they would be more apt to comply and do a good job. One major key point I learned is to expect and be prepared for opposition because opposition will come. The Walter Hoving Home taught very high Christian standards. Don’t get me wrong, the Home is the farthest from the legalistic as it gets. The Leadership headed by Beth Greco teaches God’s grace and love. With grace and love you are able to receive correction and training. And that Biblical training grows into the willing obedience to do the right thing. Intuitively doing the right thing when no one is looking, that is called Integrity — and Integrity is what I learned at the Walter Hoving Home.

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  1. jessica fagan says:

    oh becki ill never forget you while I was at the home when we made jewelry together I wish you much blessings and joy as you walk in the lord

  2. Tina Murray says:

    I’ m so happy for you that you finally got to go out into the world as a missionary. I remember when you were at the home in New York, saving up for your first mission trip. What a long and miraculous journey it’s been! I can’ t wait to get back to the home and see what God has in store for my future! I love you Becki and may Jesus continue to shine tjrough you!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Becky I will never forget you. Plus we have the same name. Lol! Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Message me back if you get a chance. Thanks girl.

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