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Graduation 2014 – Watch the video!

Graduation Day 2014 was a wonderful time of celebration – we had 17 ladies graduate from the Walter Hoving Home in New York. Please watch the video and you will hear about the wonderful things God has done in the lives of our ladies since they completed the program.

Congratulations to the graduates:
Noelle, Syracuse, NY
Donna, Gloucester City, NJ
Jacqueline, Staten Island, NY
Marie, Brooklyn, NY
Stephanie, Wilmington, DE
Marianne, Baldwin, NY
Rachel, Auburn, WA
Beth, Goldsboro, NC
Angelina, Camden, NJ
Sue, Garrison, NY
Heather, Murfreesboro, TN
Emily, Orlando, FL
Megan, Marlton, NJ
Janice, Cherry Hill, NJ
Carol, Wingdale, NY
Shakira, Newark, NJ
Jodi, New Milford, CT

Kaitee’s Story – Amazing!

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put Humpty together again” This very familiar nursery rhyme has probably been heard by all people at some point in their life. And we say it with humor and fun and sing inContinue Reading

Jessica Completes the Program

  It was a great honor to present Jessica with her well deserved completion certificate today. It has not been an easy road for her but she has made it! And we believe will continue to allow God to guide her future. Jessica was born to two heroin addicted parents – both eventually died fromContinue Reading

New Testimony Videos – Check it out!

Click here to watch video: Taneka – Testimony I hope this note finds you enjoying sunny weather today as we are in New York. We have been working hard to bring you videos – please check out our first one with Taneka sharing her video. Please comment and share encouragement with Taneka as she preparesContinue Reading

Completion in New York

Brooke came to the Walter Hoving Home at the age of 36. She is a mother of two beautiful children. As a young child, her mother left the family and she suffered from issues of abandonment. By the time she was 22, she was a mom of two children and was also raising her younger brother.Continue Reading

Rachel completes the program

Rachel came to the Walter Hoving Home from Washington after being raised by her grandparents due to the fact that her mother was a drug addict. Rachel suffered much abuse from her mother even to the extent of using drugs with her. When Rachel entered the Home she was broken and feeling unloved. But itContinue Reading

Rejoicing in Katie’s life

We received word that one of our graduates, Katie passed to her eternal home this morning after a battling a brain injury following a car accident on July 26th. There were so many people praying for her to recover but God had other plans and called her to Him. Katie was a treasure to thoseContinue Reading

Shakira completes the program

Shakira entered the program as a shattered woman, not only emotionally and spiritually but also physically. She was recovering from an attack that required over 150 stitches and numerous staples to close the gap on her head. BUT God intervened with His great love and today she completes as a whole and changed woman! SheContinue Reading

Becki shares what she learned at Walter Hoving Home

The Walter Hoving Home—Home Where Integrity Is Built                Becki and a friend from Africa If I had to change the subtitle for Walter Hoving Home it would have to be “The Home Where Integrity is Built”. The Walter Hoving Home is where I was introduced to Jesus Christ as a person. I began to get an up-closeContinue Reading

Completions in New York

It has been an exciting week at the Walter Hoving Home – New York. We have celebrated the completions of Monika and Phyllis! What a great accomplishment for these beautiful women who had come to us with broken lives but are leaving with changed lives! Congratulations!