A Letter from a Mother

This letter was written by a mother of one our graduates and I was touched by its honesty, hope and healing and thought I would share it with you . . .

As a mother it is hard to see your child suffer through pain and hurt, but even more hurtful is to realize you had contributed to that pain and hurt. But the Lord has a way of healing your hurts at the same time he’s working out His plan and purpose in my life and my daughter’s.  Over the years, you watch and pray that what you think is going on is not because you don’t what to face the hurt. Pride keeps you from admitting that your daughter is caught up in a lifestyle that is going to kill her, drugs. Reality sets in when the Lord makes you face your fears and then will not let you do anything to help because He is developing something in you call Faith and Hope. For prideful people is easy to say I did this to help my daughter or I did that for my daughter but for the Lord to accomplish his plan and purpose in her life, He had to move me out of the way. He removed all of the security blankets for her to fall back on, because he was transforming her from a ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. And only Jesus can do that with His Word. I watched and trusted Him as he took her through a life of rebellion, lies and distrust to someone who depends on Him and displays compassion for others because of what He did for her. In Romans 8:28 says that all things are working together (fitting into his plan) for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose. But then it says, that we are destined from the beginning to be molded to His image. That is what He is doing with and through my daughter. He is transforming her right before my eyes and that is a blessing to see.

 Trusting in the God of hope who fills us with joy and peace as we trust in Him,

so that we will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

From Erica’s mom

3 Responses to A Letter from a Mother

  1. Pam Geiselmann says:

    I couldn’t have expressed my thoughts any better than Erica’s mom. My daughter has been transformed by the Holy Spirit too and I thank God continously for the work He’s done in her at the Walter Hoving Home. She truly loves the Lord Jesus & is living her life completely dependent on Him & in close fellowship with Him. WHAT AN AWSOME GOD WE LOVE & SERVE!

  2. Tina Murray says:

    The Walter Hoving Home truly changed my life! I have an amazing relationship with Jesus Christ, who I didn’t even believe in before arriving there. And through my faith and example, my children are coming to know Christ as well. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t imagine being as happy and fullfilled as I am now. But to be able to break the generational curse, is a true miracle from God. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Walter Hoving Home, and Thank you to the staff – Beth, Sue, Heather, Erica, Rebecca, Conchita, Becki, Dawn, and Patrice. I will NEVER forget what you all have done for me!!!

  3. Fran Cooke says:

    I am hoping that my daughter is beginning this transformation in her life! Erica’s mother expresses many of my feelings right now. For so many years I have “worried” that I would get a phone call from someone telling me my daughter had overdosed or was involved in a drug deal gone “bad”. It is difficult being on this end too. Please pray for me! Joy’s mom.

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